The beauty of you

Let me tell you something your beautiful.

Every time you take a selfie I see a little bit inside your heart.

When you flash a smile.

When you take 50 pictures only to save one I get to see the real you.

The beauty that is you.

Your selfies show me that self love that only happens once in a blue moon.

You take a selfie with no makeup I get to see you different everyday.

Never stop surprising me.

Take the filter off once in a while let me see the real you.

Show me that silly face that will stay on my phone for months and be a inside joke.

I know what they say about you Boo but they don’t know you.

They don’t know me and you.

The filter is off for me and you no lies between us.

They just wish they understood me and you.

So lets take a selfie me and you. 

Because I miss you boo.


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