Beauty in the Pages

I ask you to take notice of the voices craving your attention
From the scribes of literature at your fingertips to the affirmation of worth obtained from those around you

Take notice, do not allow for disregarding of these voices to occur

Take notice of the sound the footprints you leave on the earth will ultimately produce

Is the music of your existence and your journey worth listening to?
Today we enter a new chapter of the stories we each hold and there is beauty in the seams

So take notice

This chapter holds memories that can never be taken from your story

There is beauty in the eternal worth of the path that lies ahead

Take notice of the storm that will inevitably come alongside you during this journey and notice the nourishment of life that has been produced as result

How the majestic nature of the rainbow is unattainable without the seemingly endless storm

But it will end, take notice of that

Take notice of your ability to conquer and the strength within your mere flesh

The voice of weakness and hopelessness with call for your attention as you have climbed a mountain designed just for you

But take notice of your ability to arrive at the summit

How the view from the top far surpasses the mediocrity of the level ground you once knew

You may have bent, but never did you break

Take notice of how your shouts of joy from the rooftops shake the earth beneath you

When you take a leap of faith the ground cannot help but shift

There is worth in what you accomplish

No barrier can be made that can hold back the limitless successes available to you

Take notice of the golden lining of the pages of this chapter

As every page has an irreplaceable mark on this universe

Both divine and tainted are we, yet there is beauty in the imperfection of these years

Take notice of the flicker of moments where there is light

Where the light is brighter than the darkness for the darkness has no hold on you

You are stronger than you believe and hold the reins for what is to come

So dance to the lack of melody and shout even when you believe you are not heard

Because you are noticed


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