Beauty and the brown eyed boy

He was tall, handsome and had the mindset of a 5th grader whose favorite book was Dr.Seuss Green Eggs and ham. Despite his lack of ability to hold an intellectual conversation his ability to look like my favorite superhero surpassed that. Actually I don't remember much of what he said, when I look back all I remember is the way the corner of his luscious mouth would turn upwards into a smirk when he spoke of something he found amusing, the dull look in his mesmerizing eyes as our English teacher spewed out big words he found to hard to even pronounce and the look of annoyance on his clean cut face when we, well I, would try to discuss the matter in which our relationship would proceed.

           Towards the conclusion of our relationship I found myself realizing when he made a joke it

wasn't funny but one would laugh because that's what everyone else did. That when one needed nurturing and care because one was carrying baggage that was too heavy to be carried by one, the other was not there for support but instead looking at that gorgeous face in their in the mirror. Oh how I wished to put a bag on that face or paint the mirror black in order for one to drag attention away from him and onto me. I felt as if the relationship consisted of three people: me, him and hisp ego.

I didn't know what attention was since I hadn't received it-at all. Not until i found myself crying outside one beautiful thursday afternoon and a boy with wild curly hair and braced mouth came and asked a question I hadn't been asked in a while ‘’Are you okay?’’. I found myself pondering over that question

I mean I should be okay I was in a relationship with a boy who resembled a prince charming so why didn't one feel like a princess? Realizing that the boy with a birds nest for hair was still waiting for my answer, I said ‘’ sure I’m okay’’ one look into my eyes and he knew I was lying. Instead of calling me out on it however he simply nodded his head and gave me a comforting embrace and with that i felt the baggage i was carrying lighten. Ever since that day we found ourselves forming a friendship one where we both laughed with each other not because everyone else did but because we found ourselves quite amusing. He didn't look in the mirror but rather at me as if he could read me just by looking into my eyes, I found myself staring back into his chocolate brown eyes and realizing I like that color better than the green mesmerizing eyes I had grown use to staring at. With every joke I made he laughed a laugh that was sometimes funnier than the joke but it was music to my ears. And with every smile I caused to appear on his face one crept onto mine.

After meeting the boy with the temple of curls and dark chocolate brown eyes that lit up whenever we’d bask in each others presence. I met with the boy with green eyes that no longer seemed to be as mesmerizing as they once were and watched the light leave them just like I did because I needed-no deserved more than a boy with a pretty face and an ego as tall as his 6’2 frame.


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