You stole my heart the first time I saw you.

Took my breath away, when you came near.

I looked at your beautiful soul and just knew.

We talked the first day for hours, you lent me your ear.

I needed you, I wanted you, I loved you. The very first day.

Hours after I left, butterflies still floating in my stomach.

I had to see you again, I could only pray.

Someone above was listening, when my prayers were answered.

Every day since then you have filled my dark days with laughter.

I wasn't myself when I first met you baby.

You have taken insecurites and encased them in safety.

Every time you touch, look, or sigh I feel an instant high.

I could never be without the one person who never gave me doubt.

You are my heart and soul.

You're all that I want and all that I need .

Baby, you can't ever leave.


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