A Beautiful Season

It's a season with beautiful days

The summer breeze that brushes my face.

It's a warm feeling that never ends

Even the ice in my heart melts

It's when flowers bloom,

When the wind plays a beautiful song.


I love when we run until we're running out of breath

It's a moment that makes us feel innocent.

It's a love that's so sweet

It will rotten your teeth.

A love that can be so bothering

Like cicada in the evening.


You're a stranger that wipes my tears

Your love takes away my fears

The sound of your voice's like an ocean

Your warm hands give a great sensation

You never let go and hold my hand so tight

In my darkest times you are my light.


My heart melts with your simple gaze

You always leave a smile on my face.

You're real but you are my dream

A cake full of cream

A soft fabric that covers my skin

A fire that stays within.


It's when butterflies are all around

And my head is on the clouds

For your kiss taste like petals

Your caress is so gentle

Your words are so lovely,

Like raindrops that tickles every part of me.


Please leave me a souvenir

So I could feel that you are near.

Behind my smiles you're the reason

And so I'm willing to wait for this season

It's when flowers bloom—

It's when Love blooms.


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