Beautiful Monster


United States
40° 17' 42.3276" N, 85° 49' 41.3256" W
United States
40° 17' 42.3276" N, 85° 49' 41.3256" W

She fluttered in through my heart's window,

Gracefully avoiding my curtain of isolation.

She bowed her dignified head,

And through long thick lashes she watched me,

The object of her fascinatiion.


I sank deeper...speechless,

Drowning in a sea of lustful admiration.

And just before my head went under,

I clutched at a straw of speculation.


Which broke...


I fell willingly in her trap of love,

She embodied the goddess Ate's power.

I blidly walked her path of delusions,

My heart she did deflower.


She epitomized a surreal beauty,

Which rendered it's victims unconscious,

Like a dark red rose,

Whose scent currupted ones subconscious.


Her voice was lyrical...always in song,

Enchanting me with her music.

And just like Siren,

She left me heart-wrecked and love-sick.


Like Empusa she feasted-

On the contents of mine heart.

And I watched... mesmorized...

At her body...A work of Art!


I bled and bled...In love

As she sucked the essence of my soul.

Her nails she polished with my blood,

I never envisioned an Angel so cold.


Out my chest she ripped,

My heart which resided in it's cage.

And then with a pucker of her lips,

She kissed me...her whole act of adulation staged.


She left in the shade of the sunset,

As quickly as she came in the glory of the sunrise.

I only recall waking up dead,

Into a new identity created by lies.










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