A Beautiful Misconception

A dark cloud has settled,

Obscuring the illumination of the future,

A tragedy in the mind of the one inflicted,

Confusion in what she’s been granted.


Memories distorted,

Imagination guarded,

The mind is the eye to all she regarded,

It is clouded


She grows, unsure of her place or calling

She staggers, uncertain of her residence

A tragedy in the mind of the one inflicted,

Confusion is what she’s been granted


With a veil as black as night,

As far reaching as fanned charcoal,

She hides herself,

Uncertain of all


Her discretion, her prudence,

Is a caution from the exposure of her shame

A stigma that was not meant for her to take the blame,

But the bullet ricocheted, delivering her unclear fate


Oh the trauma, the darkness that overwhelmed her control,

How she fought to brighten up the hole

That leaked all purity and righteousness

From her soul


But a light so dim burned in the distance,

Caught her eye,

Luring her with a new purpose

That the corrupt events of the world were not eternal


She ran, naked and red,

And in her mind she was better off dead

But the arms that enfolded her brought her upright,

Clothed her heart and reassured her, “It’s all right,”


She cried and she wailed at the course of her past,

But no matter how loud she screamed

Or how hard she wished,

A change of the days prior would not come to pass


He gave her a choice

And with an outstretched hand,

One coated in hope and said,

“What I have in store for you is far more grand,”


She accepted this offer without hesitation

But found that the road to sound mind

Was beyond her anticipation


She fought and she struggled

With the process of letting go

Till her mind wrapped around herself

Suffocating her with the threat that there was no hope left to bestow


Heaven gazed upon her in wonder and patience

Watching as she thrashed with powers against her

“Little one, little one,” He called out one day,

“Turn your eyes from yourself to Me, and you will be okay,”


She looked up finally and sighed in relief,

That the images in her mind could not compare

To the King that sat on the Mercy Seat


He smiled at her from above, without a sound of reproach

Told her to relax and bring her troubles forth


He held her worries in His hands and looked at it with a frown,

He bent His head and kissed it,

Turning the black tar of despair

Into blessings abound


He called her forward and she came,

Trembling from the meaning of love He radiated like a flame

With a simple blow the blessings sprung forth,

Falling on her head in glitters the colors of rainbows,


“Your past I have erased,

I don’t see it anymore,

Go out there and tell them of my Grace.

I have enough love to give to everyone whose heart is sore.”


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