Beautiful Creatures


Unicorns and rainbows are all one might need,Jumping and laughing with uncontainable glee.Some could never imagine the wonder of these,Sitting in a meadow as happy as could be


Unicorns are gleeming with a shiny white coat,Galloping and racing with unending energy.Most could never fathom the beauty of one,Resting and eating under a weeping willow tree.


Rainbows just blossom with wonderful colors,Sparkling and flashing its beauty to me.Lots seem to miss when this wonderful thing shows,Sleeping instead of gawking as its special meaning flows.


Lets not forget those butterflies and toads,flapping and hopping as joyous as could be.Some seem to forget the wonder of such things,Just wanting new things instead of enjoying the view.


Butterflies have wings like the angels above,soaring and gliding with graceful antiquity.Most dont understand the beauty of these wings,Instead wanting them more to decorate there home.


Toads look like witches all covered in warts,plopping and pooping wherever it pleases.Lots though forgot the calmness inside,as they patiently wait for there time abide.


Lots we could learn from these wonderful creatures, If we just took the time to enjoy their sweet company.Though some seem to forget that toads dont turn into princes,You can always be happy that least they dont have cooties.


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