The perfect girl for me
is one that knows
how to roll a nice big fatty

knows how to a joint
she doesn't hesitate
instead she gets straight to the point

shes gotta be smart
in the books AND the street
she'll know where and how to leave her mark

she'll be the girl of my dreams
I'll be that no good dope-dealer
that can pleasure her till she screams

her family wont like me
they'll try to break us apart
tell her open her eyes to reality

She'll tell them what they clearly don't understand :
She's my girl
and I'm her man

her friends will tell her to do better
she'll say " back off ,
he's my forever "

I will want to be that for her
but it would be a miracle
to converse with her when my words don't slur

to talk about politics,the future
what she wants to do with her life
instead of staying here with me letting her life be a blur

I will love it when she uses big words
how when she's mad she goes straight hood
using words that aint even hers

she will art,music,the sound of the rain
she'll have a beautiful smile
hidden beneth so much pain

I will love her
and I will know what everyone says is true:
I wont deserve her

So when the time is right
I'll do something real stupid
make her never want me in her sight

One day she'll make a beautiful wife
I'll just be a mistake from her past
That showed her its okay to have a beautiful life

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