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What makes me beautiful.. the fact that i can hide my flaws with makeup??
What makes me beautiful...that i can mask the real me??
I am beautiful without the makeup and the picture perfect smile.
My flaws are me and my flaws are I...i cannot change myself to fit to your standards because if i do i am not me... i become you.
What makes me being perfectly imperfect.
What makes me beautiful..the way ill tell you that I'm not perfect and still am beautiful?
I am a rare flower that has blossomed through the worst of weathers if this does not make me beautiful...then what will??
In order for me to truly be beautiful i must realize that i am beautiful no matter my imperfections and flaws.
Every woman deserves a spotlight because when you shine the light on her the real her shines through and she becomes what it seems you never wanted her to be....

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just know you are beautiful... no matter what you are. and if you haven't heard it yet... your beautiful <3

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