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Sit back and enjoy my simple description,
my easy to understand and lovely definition
Of this word that I experience every day.
When I walk to school or return home,
When I cruise in my car to get to the store,
When I go out for a run on a Saturday morning,
When I listen to birds sing natural melodies,
When I see a painting that is unique and comely,
When I realized that I pay attention to details.
Because I see beauty each day of my life.

Beautiful is that flower that stands alone
so independent and pretty,
That one cannot help but to stare at.

Beautiful is that baby girl that has a gorgeous smile
So petite, so naïve, so joyful and complete.
And one can’t help but to be mesmerized
By her tiny feet, eyes, and her cheerful laugh.

Beautiful is that sunrise that ends my long run,
The true reason why I wake up so early on a weekend,
Because I admire the warm feelings i get, when my eyes,
My tired yet awed eyes witness the view of the sun,
The ocean, the sand, the horizon, the complex combination of all.

Beautiful is that song, which remains playing in your thoughts,
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, after you listen to it even once.
But you choose to listen to it over and over again,
until each word of the lyrics is tattooed onto your memory.
Because you love it so much, and you don’t understand why.
But you agree that it makes you feel different emotions inside.

Beautiful is that scene at the end of the Disney movies.
The one where the prince and princes kiss and live forever after.
Where he fought so hard to maintain an ambitious attitude just for her.
Where he had to live through many hells to get to earth and find,
Find that she wasn’t there, and had to continue his journey up till heaven.
To finally see her face, and realized that his work was truly worth it.
And he will do it again; even twice if he had to, just to continue to see her.
To admire her face, her eyes, her smile, her hair, to love her forever over and over again.

Beautiful, true beauty is that girl.
That girl that makes you smile when you are sad,
Makes you laugh when you are mad,
Makes you relax when you furious inside.
That girl that takes care of you when you are sick,
Takes a day off from her life to keep you comfort.
To feed you warm food, and take a nap with you.
That girl that you stare at when she is in front of you in math class,
And you do not realized until the teacher calls on you for the answer,
And you whisper her name out loud, thinking your thought a little too loud.
That girl that can brighten up your day when you are feeling like,
Like there is no reason why you should go to school,
Like there is no one on this horrible sinful world that understands you,
Like there is no reason why God would give you a life.
But you see her, and you understand why.

Beautiful, true beauty, is her lips, that are so soft,
Is her big brown eyes that are so shiny,
Is her nose, that you believe it is the cutest,
Is her smile, that you think it’s comely,
Is her laugh, that you think is the sweetest,
Is her voice, which you believe can control anyone.
Beauty, it is she, who can, with one move, make you fall in love.

Listen carefully because this is my conclusion,
all in all these simple and lovely words will explain,
Beautiful is her, him.
Beautiful is them.
Beautiful is nature.
Beautiful is that melody.
Beautiful is your strength.
Beautiful is your passion.
Beautiful is that creativity.
Beautiful is uniqueness.
Beautiful is happiness.
Beautiful is joyfulness.
Beautiful is to smile.
Beautiful is back breaking work.
Beautiful is independence.
Beautiful is dedication.
Beautiful is simple.
Beautiful is love.
Beautiful is life.
Beautiful is God.


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