The Beast


United States
40° 44' 19.8348" N, 112° 6' 26.1108" W

Love, a touchy subject to be sure, for not all can claim its ownership and those who do may be in possession of an entirely different animal, but as you are along for this wild ride can you truly distinguish between furs, or have you simply been enamored by this creature? It is easy enough to say with a straightness of face, "I am in love," but are you really? Or are you astride the powerful haunches of infatuation? "Oh no! How dare you accuse, or even suggest that I am simply infatuated with him/her! We love each other!" Of course you do, do not receive this as an attack, for not all of us are mired in the bogs of desire, it is true, but answer for yourself one most important thing. Was your reaction one of a smile, a laugh, and a feeling of security at the thought of your "devoted other," or was your response instant, blatant denial? Furthermore, I am a man graced with the "monumental" ability to type words on a keyboard, your intentions have no need to be proven so boldly to me, so why must you try so hard to re-assure yourself? Which beast do you ride, and have you in fact tamed this creature? Or has it domesticated you?


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