Beach Waves



I sit in English, pondering on what I should jot down in these free lines.

The ideas flowing like beach waves in a summer day

The waves roaring, “Woosh, woosh!”, all through the hour.

I drown of thoughts thinking on relevance, what's in and what's out.



Fashion?....Not me.


Identity! That's more me.


Well I think…..


Ignorance getting the better of me.

“I got this, just words,

make them sound like shakespeare to get the snaps snaps.”

Oh was I wrong, those waves crashing down on me, tubbling me from my balance state

All to fast and I to slow, the deadline coming quick, oh no!


This all seems as if I’m drowning, not being able to think on how to start.

The waves roaring, out of control, “WOOSH! WOOSH!”

Captain down, my hope gone, reminiscing the time when I said “sound like Shakespeare to get the snaps snaps”.

Oh how ignorant of me!




And there she stood before me, the almighty Ms. Borek.

Her voice calming, speaking in a pattern that moved them in such a purring way, “wooooshhhhh, woooooooshhh”….

No shakespeare is needed, but can be mixed in the beach where all go to pour their joy and sadness

All emotions being different, but somehow relating

No need to be relevant or like Shakespeare


Now, the secret to calming the waves in poetry is…

Non- Relevance.

*snap snap*

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