"Be Yourself"


- It ain't easy to always do me.

- You see, sooner or later I'm going to immulate what I see on TV, or feed into the garbage somebody speaks.

- What makes me upset is this world constantly tells me what I should be and sometimes I tend to listen.

- Now and Again, you may find bits and pieces of my former self. But in those instances there's no true  individuality. Its merely a watered down version of someone else's identity. 

- Now my God tells me do not conform to this world.

- But the enemy within me says, do as everyone else does so you can distance yourself from the divine destiny that your Lord has set for you. 

- Honestly I think I have a hard time being myself because I have been trying to be somebody else for so long, I don't even know who I am... anymore.

- Sometimes, my flesh fiends for the riches of this world.

- I have to be the strong Christian male I am and fend off my fiending flesh in hopes to find out the fortune my Lord has for me.

- These girls make me tick the most.

- I find myself trying to be the one they want, in hopes to become the one they need, but I always end up in the friendzone.

- I know now that if you change for people, they will like the you, you are trying to be.

- And not the you, you are when your not even trying.

- So, be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and don't let anybody change who you are.

- Thank You



This poem is for the Speak Your Mind Scholarship Slam. The slam is about something that makes you tick. What came first to my mind is the time in my life when I was allowing the world to dictate my thought process on a lot of things and also allowing the young women in my life to dictate my happiness. I know now that I need only to look to the Lord Jesus Christ for anything and everything I need and not to allow others to dictate my being. 

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