To Be A Woman

When I was 5 years old, my mom said be yourself

What she didn’t know back then, who I was got put on a shelf

A shelf full of crazy ass dreams

And moments with friends when I screamed

Because how can you be yourself when society makes you into somebody else


I reshaped myself, tried to play it cool

I buried my feelings under, the next door neighbor’s pool

My legs were clenched together

Open legs isn’t proper, whatever

Why must society constantly shape how I act into a jewel


Stuck up on a pedestal

I’m trying to climb down

But once you’re up in the sky

No one will help you, they can’t hear a sound


Everyday when I look in the mirror

The world seems a little bit dimmer

My beautiful face is blurring and the heart of a child cannot shimmer


I guess that’s the way it’s created

Unless you conform, you’re hated

Your true self will never find a man

But no one actually gives a damn


You’re called conceited and weak

Trained to hardly speak

If grabbed from behind, who can tell if you will shriek


When testifying who will listen

After all you’re only a woman

Who here has the upper hand?

The crying woman or the stronger man?


Unless you don’t talk at all

Your personality starts to fall

Cuz how can you even think about talking if everyone you around tells you you’re wrong?


This stereotype has to end

Men and women have to blend

We’re just as strong as you

Not just some item that you can screw


We’re not gonna take this silence

While women are being engulfed by violence

How many times can a woman be raped before you realize it’s not too late


So parents before you grow old

Don’t tell your children do what you’re told

Tell them to break the barrier, once they get through the world isn’t scarier


Do you want don’t let anyone stop you

Pushing down every wall in your way

Let the world know that they couldn’t change you

You’ve been yourself to your very last day


This poem is about: 
Our world


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