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Having recently divorced parents any scholarship would help my to accomplish my goals. I am a bachelor of arts psychology major aspiring to be a teen counselor. I plan to go to graduate school, acquire my masters and then my doctorate. I want to make a difference in other's lives. I want to help teens cope with the stresses of being a teenager in high school. Personally my high school experience was filled with stressors. I had a bad experience in a private school where I was not only scolded by teacher but my girl friends stopped hanging out with me because they were very judgmental of the fact that I was friends with boys. When I switched to a public school in the middle of the year it was hard to find friends because everyone had already made their group and my school was very cliquey. Needless to say the friends I did make were not the best. On my first day I was pressured to smoke and invited to a house party. Throughout my four years in high school three of my friends got pregnant, one of my friends committed suicide and another attempted, three other friends dropped out, and three were arrested. This pattern was not just with my friends it was with my whole school as well as schools surrounding and even in other states. Many of my friends including myself had a split family before high school or their parents got divorced within those four years. I want to help students through these types of issues and I want to prevent successful peer pressure, suicide, suicidal thoughts, drop outs, and depression. I want to be the one to "hold their hand" as they walk through the struggles life puts in front of them.

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