To Be or Not To Be

To be or not to be
I believe Hamlet was getting somewhere with this

To exist is to think
And to think is to be
Yet, what of the other side?

This is not an exclimation to Death
Asking to be kept under his wing as a friend
But just the simple inquiry alone
Sets my bones aflame with wonder:
What is it?

The darkness only has color that we percieve
Therefore, is the black abyss of an ending soul
Nothing more than black, or is it something
That we, as living beings
Will never truly see
Or comprehend?

The absence of a beating heart 
Is more terrifing a thought than most
Yet we fear not the time prior to existence
Then why is it we fear what comes after?

A loss of neurological art on a machine 
Dictates that the body has died
The snakes head has been cut from the body
But who are we to say
That the darkness is nothing more than another phase?

Perhaps entanglement is more to us than we think
Every bit of lost emotion and pride
Swallowed by the Abyss
Conglomerates and then fuses
Into a whole 
Somewhere on the other side

Dear Hamlet,
Your idea sparks me so
And yet here I choose to stay
Not out of Fear
Not out of Selfishness
But out of humble observation

For life and existence in all of its enitrity
Through the muck and beauty
Through the suffering and the pleasure
Through the Light and the Darkness
I find the joy of Being.


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