To Be Loved

It's a simple little thing,

But without explanation

The hardest thing we find to do.


We crave it with such immensity 

That the first hands to stroke our face, 

The first mouth to whisper our name, 

And we're gone.


Lost in an endless swirl

Of giggles and messages. 

Sweet glances and our heart races.


Then tick tock

Tick tock. 

It's midnight.


Now we've stayed up

Till four AM before, 

Spilling our souls 

To the universe, 

To them.


But this time it's rolled around 

And now we have no one to roll over to. 

No hand to hold, 

No glance to get lost in.


Our fairytale has come 

To a haltering stop. 

So quick and so sudden 

It's as if we're thrown 

Through a shattering windshield.


Never experienced, 

And no time to react, 

To understand 

That sometimes these things 

Just happen.


But because of this first hurt, 

This first scary incident, 

We hide ourselves. 

We protect ourselves.


We triple check our seatbelt, 

And even more for cars 

That could be lurking, 

Waiting till we least expect it.


We are so busy, 

So caught up in our minds, 

That we never take the time 

To realize 

Everything has healed.


We're clenching these wounds, 

Already fixed with time. 

Standing in a safety net

Of our own mind's creation. 

Never able to get past, 

Even though we stand 

Mere inches from the ground.


And through all this 

We have yet to notice 

That sometimes these things 

Just happen.


There's a first for everything, 

But that hardly means 

Every time after 

Will be the same.


To be loved, 

It's a simple little thing. 

But with our guarded hearts 

We forget what it felt like 

To be wrapped in anything 

But our own mind's blanket.


We convince ourselves 

That it'll all hurt, 

That it'll all end the same.


But each car, each turn, 

Is a new pathway. 

Never experienced, 

And impossible to repeat.


To be loved, 

It's a simple little thing. 

We just have to allow our minds 

To remember. 

To trust. 

To know that nothing 

Will ever end the same.


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