To be heard

A tiny cell has formed at the intersection of two sets of genes

Accumulated to form a new being with a tiny heart beat at just five weeks

A heartbeat that’s rushing like lovers on a first date
Uncontrollably quick it races as your body tries to pace it

But primitive stages in development won’t allow you to take control
Finally the neurons in your brain manage to reorganize and find their places

They fill tiny spaces, fold, and crevices that control your entire being

Your heart slows down and finds its beat forever continuing its pattern

To which we all follow
Follow your heart, they say

But what they don’t realize is that in our skulls is a powerhouse working overtime

It wants to sleep but at night lies awake forcing images through we wish we hadn’t known

Causing confrontation to an overgrown garden mangled and weedy

Feeding the needy was never in the cards because when you saw it taking charge of your whole backyard all you could think to do was

ignore the fact that your crops are no longer

The alchemist in you creates a concoction that will set fire to your problem

CH and O will be the answer every time,
you watch tiny white snowflakes be sucked to what you think is into space
Time to start over, tracing your steps to where you wish you had been,

But in time you’ll realize that the elements combined in a different pattern
Are what you are mainly composed of

Before getting angry at the sight you wished not to see

Realize that everything is connected by the same elements throughout the universe

No matter how far you wish you could run, hide, and be alone

Remember that you are never one in a million because the millions are you

Different genes with the same compounds
Allow you to be surrounded by the same singular entities

Human beings



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