Be > a Bully


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Those who have no feelings,
We're not in the same stance as you
We tried to avoid you but...
To make your day a little better we pretended to look like a fool
We're trying to get by
The minutes, the hours,
The days, the weeks, 
But the moment you peak at me
You make me weak and you see
This is not a game changer 
The superior should assist the inferior 
To get ahead in the game 
All you want to do 
Is make a shame of myself
Cus I may be a little more brighter 
Show a little more effort in school
So im not cool, because you said so
It's cool though because I have people
People who love me, care for me, 
Enjoy being with me, and stay envy free
I'm tried of you beating me 
But we won't let this get the best of me. 
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