The Battle Within


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You know what i'm thankful for? Me.


My heart, my soul, and my mind.

I'm thankful that my inner good is fighting for me.

Fighting my inner demons. 

From all the sadness I emit,

because of the unfortunate discrimination I get,

it felt like there was no end but one...

But no, my soul would not allow my demons to take control.

I'm thankful for the strength within myself,

and thankful for the victory I have acheved within.

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I'm someone who suffers from depression. Being a double minority has made me a target for bullies. I've never written a poem before, but poems are meant to be artistic, and they need to flow. I think that's what I did there. The theme of this 'poem' is what are you thankful for, and I wanted to express how grateful I am for still having the strength to get back up on my feet.

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