Battle Field Inside The Mind

My mind is a battle field. There is a war inside of my head.

It is peaceful one moment. Then the next, It struggles.

There are land mines... inside my mind.

Who put them there in the first place? Myself? Someone else?

Doesn't matter.

Something is fighting against me. What is it?

Doubt? Anger? Self-pity? Anxiety?

They matter.

I need to get rid of these thoughts. But someone keeps putting them there.

I can't escape! STOP! Stop fighting! Listen to me! I don't want to fight!

Please! Let's be peaceful! Stop the fighting! Please!

They still don't listen. They keep attacking.

Then it stops. Everything is fine again. No more fighting. At least for today.

I know they are just resting. They will fight me again.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the day after. I don't know when.

But it won't be long.

Here they go again. Shooting at me. Attacking me.

How do I get it to stop?

This is a four year war. There is no end in sight.

Is it a suicide mission?

No! Don't give up yet! You can fight this! And you can win!

I keep fighting. Keep fighting. Don't give up. Keep fighting.

Then...they stop. They give up and leave.

What?! Just like that?! After all this time? You just leave?

Peace. Everything is so peaceful inside my mind.

My thoughts are all in a row. And they are all of good things.

The war is over! Let's celebrate!

I have won! I beat depression!




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