The Battle of Death VS Life

Death is unproblematic,

Life is arduous,

Death is serene,

Life is clamorous.

Death is relaxed,

Life is wild,

Death looks back at your life’s journey,

Life just shows you the present.

Death makes all your family and friends sad,

Life lets you live out all your hopes and dreams.

Death lets you look at all the mistakes you made,

Life lets you regret the mistakes you made.

You Only Live Once (YOLO) make the right choice,

Live everyday as if tomorrow was too late.

Every breath you take can be your last,

Every day, every second, even right now,

Your death is coming closer.

You’re wasting your life on childish things,

While your life is slowly ticking away.

Your time is running out, you can die today.

In the Battle of Death VS Life,


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