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The horn calls

The sky falls

The wind blows

With the sun aglow

The soldiers toiled in their plight

The bird on the trees took head and took flight

Violence for ages, sun up till sundown

And death was made certain by the dozen each night

Blood soaked the pristine ground

Driving the morale of the people down

No longer did they desire to toil in their plight They wanted to be as birds and take flight

Away from the carnage

The turmoil

The pain

And onto a heaven

Full of life

Full of glee


Humanity, they say, is doomed

And the soldiers did agree

Yet they did not lay down their arms

Because the deed was already done

Slaughtered, were they all

Destroyed, their bodies were

If anyone survived that massacre

They would have died inside anyway

War is a burden

A curse

A plague

And there is no cure

Except allowing death to make its way


~L.L Livingston 

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Our world


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