The Barrel Racer

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 23:13 -- samt228

Eyes closed and stomach churning,
My horse, my partner, underneath me,
Waiting for our chance to run.
Through the saddle I can feel his heart beat,
Matches mine, which is racing in my chest,
Just like we long to do.
We hear my name come out of the intercom,
And finally our turn has come.
The tightness in my chest loosens with every step,
Towards the chute, towards freedom.
His muscles tighten as he asks if he can go,
Even though I want it too I hold him back,
It is not time not quite yet.
Staring down our favorite event,
The poles stand there waiting for our run.
Again he asks to go but this time I let him,
And the power he has been holding explodes out of him.
It takes three seconds to get to the first turn.
In that time my muscles loosen but my fear is sky high,
But I ride on through the fear.
Knowing if I loosen my grip even by a hair,
Down goes a pole, disqualification.
Rounding the last turn with a smile on my face,
I let out a yell knowing, no matter what we place,
We will continue to run.
Because sometimes the scariest things in life,
Are the things you love the most.
Who would know that better than a barrel racer?


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