Barrel Of A Gun

Sat, 08/18/2012 - 07:37 -- FizTzle


United States
31° 7' 8.058" N, 83° 26' 34.8432" W

range gun shot in zoom lenz,
don't step on my toes,
ill step on your toes too,
you at the barrel of a gun (I say boom) ,
love your looks so,
i shot your ex to get to you,
remember when you spoke,
it was music to my ears,
your dad came in,
lock his jock in his gun,
so I took my barrel,
pointed it to his forehead,
like blood thats blood red,
barrel of a gun like your ex,
small (small) head,
she spoke to me,
told me to have love with my hand,
all bets off no kiss & tell stand,
watch my hand stance jack my hand,
caught me in rated R moment,
barrel of a gun i shoot to kill,
so to her ex stand still so i target you,
youtube has your answers too,
ms. China a'china,
caught your woman on x factory,
think Ill bring love after you,
inside barrel of a gun,
catch me catch me run,
ex on x factory shot him x factory,
everybody zoom lens range on Interstate,
because I care less of what you think,
see blood red lines on airport board,
cause blood is what you see when I shoot at you.


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