The Barefoot Girl!


Oakland University
United States

The sophists need not use rhetoric to convince of her greatness.

If Socrates were on a quest for good, his quest would end upon meeting The Barefoot Girl.

Plato’s virtuous fight would lead to The Barefoot Girl being the source of happiness.

Aristotle finds kalon within the woman. A human’s quest of knowledge ends.

A sadistic Niccolò Machiavelli then writes of The Prince’s reformation because he meets her.

Francis Bacon wrote through the stars, to find one that shined much brighter than others.

Descartes’ Meditations reach nirvana, his reasoning of God would be a perfect creation.

Thomas Hobbes would laugh, doesn’t Descartes know we can’t touch perfection?

John Locke could find her through empiricism, but admit to her immaterial value.

George Berkeley’s metaphysics ruined, he’s never seen a specimen similar.

David Hume can doubt all, except her greatness.

Jeremy Bentham’s utility relies on comparison of the best, The Barefoot Girl.

Immanuel Kant’s imperative is X because she implies Y isn’t good in all instances.

Russell loses sight of logic, because logic misses something in The Barefoot Girl’s eyes

And Wittgenstein’s language lacks a word to describe The Barefoot Girl’s essence.

Socrates would die fighting a courtroom in order to keep her sacred.


Rationalists and empiricists would argue intrinsic value, and the origin of her perfect mind

Those arguments and beliefs are silly, she believes the both are so closely intertwined

Intellectual, with complex beliefs, that believes nothing is simply reductio ad absurdum

Strong-willed, great thoughts of relativity, attempting to make the world better with words of

Wisdom, or giggles of humor, or beauty that others see, jaws drop as she walks by

With a great wonder of the universe so infinite, she is in aw as stars fall from the sky

Compassionate and Well-rounded, The Barefoot Girl understands each side of discourse

Careful of others emotions, she thinks before she speaks. Her actions done with remorse

She tries to project eudaimonia, and in return receives what she puts in, similar to karma

And she attempts to solve her interests, with order and respect to others, dharma

      The Barefoot Girl has an unexplainable essence, but it’s the closest to perfection I’ve seen

      The Barefoot Girl is intelligent, hilarious, beautiful, the best person one could have been.


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