Bang, Bang

A pleasant day, nice and sunny

Warm air in my cheeks
Warm air on the runners
running to see who can get there first
It's not sunny anymore
as cold as the world with no love
But not quite because people are here like there life is going to end
But they are screaming about the life of others
They start picking them up
Pulling them out
They care
We care
Blood, it's always darker then you think it will be
We know its true shade know
All around us
Please no more
We are trying together 
As one
264 Victims
No legs
No arms
More hope
We are hopefully together
As one
3 people aren't here anymore
We mourn them together
As one
They told us to stay inside
That dangerous men were on the lose
I didn't go to school that day
Just in my head on repeat
Bang Bang
She was a dancer
Leaping in the air
She has no feet
Yet she dances on
They can't break her
They can't break us
Bang Bang
He had a perfect life
A amazing wife
A amazing house
He has no legs
He's a father now
He brings his child hope and love
They can't break him
They can't break us
I look at there faces when I walk through town
They are not alone
We will not be broken
We are still here
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