Balanced Dedication

A relationship is a balance 

Like in chemistry, both sides result equally 

For if the values added up 

Do not match 

The relationship 

Is unsatisfied 


Like the two electrons of an orbital that are coordinated 

We balance each other 

This satisfied stability 

Raised the energy 

Of our love 


It is because I love you that I want the best for you 

That I make a sacrifice 

That I maintain a degree of selflessness 

That I dedicate myself to you 

That I give all that I can to nurture 

the love that we share 

It is being selfless 

for the other, the relationship 

Is satisfied 


To fall in love 

Is a physical reaction 

But to love another 

Is to see through 

The good and bad properties 

And see the other for who they are 

A chemical reaction 


Like an ionic compound 

We give part of ourselves to each other 

And create an unbreakable bond 

This bond, our love, 

Is the fusion of our unique gifts 

Into one compound 

With its own unique properties 


It is because I love you that I want you to do your best 

That I can be there 

That I maintain a degree of gratitude 

That I respect you 

That I give all that I can to further 

the love that we share 

That I lift you just like 

You lift me 


The dedication goes without question 

A mutual, unconditional love, 

Naturally renders the selfless property 

In turn, the relationship 

Is satisfied

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