To BAE or not to BAE

BAE means before all else. Its a term of endearment used by teens.

To BAE or not to BAE, that is the question.
Whether tis nobler for the mind to suffer
The pains and stress of high school relationships
Or the loneliness and fear of staying single
By opposing all? To you- to me
No more, and by no more i mean we’re done.
The heartache and the thousand text a day
That eyes so long to see, it’s consuming me!
That only I wish to live- to laugh
To love, perchance to date, aye there’s the rub.
For in my years of teen what dreams may come?
When we have shaken off these times of toil
We must pause to remember: to respect
The ones that made a calamity of our lives
Those who broke our hearts and took our time
To significant other’s wrongs, and our pride.
The pangs of despised love, the BAE’s way.


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