Bad Poetry


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Bad poetry

is like

stupid line breaks

that drive you insane and make you want

to puke.

Bad poetry: is...schizophrenic--Punctuation. (that Kills "all" things good!

Bad poetry carries your tender heart in its pocket

and drinks up your pre-teen tears like Gatorade after the big game.

Bad poetry is a monologue about a lover's face that crawls down the page on

stupid line breaks.

My mother once told me, on a warm summer day,

that bad poetry is like drinking sunlight in a glass, on a swing, with your soul mate, in the middle of a hurricane.

Bad poetry is song lyrics that make me want to dance with somebody and feel the heat with somebody.

Bad poetry is hard to

read and makes me want to die




Bad poetry is bad...

But good poetry is worse.


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