Bad B*tch


United States
39° 2' 10.518" N, 94° 34' 31.2204" W

Bad B*tch this bad B*tch that I just laugh and tell these dudes fall back
Bad B*tch huh I don't even know what that means cause bad is for kids if you ask me
Now bitch is an animal a female dog to be exact here puppy , puppy come , sit , lay yeah all that
Dogs are meant to be trained a man's best friend so they say ... but dogs are told what to do , when to do it , and to do it the right way !!!
If you don't have hind legs nor a tail between your legs then why degrade yourself are you a pet ?
Take a minute and think about the things just said switch up your vocab wouldn't you rather be called a lady or miss instead ?
But hey if you a Bad B*tch that's fine by me but don't get mad when you get treated like a Bad B*tch when you could be treated like a queen.

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