He is my ghost writer

The one who wants to see me ranked up higher.

Helps me put in the work so I don't stress later

No matter what I did he was always a fan never a hater.

Grew up on him real quick, from being the same size as his arm

To having arms the same size as his forearm.

Helped me turned the lights on to see clearer

Looking at myself now I'm starting to see him in the mirror.

Thank you for making sure there's food on my plate,

For taking me to school when I'd end up waking up late.

You are great, you put me in the dirt then watched me grow

From a seed to a tree then I found the light glow

In the glory of your presents I want to do everything except let you down

If I did then I feel the need to frown.

Now I'm almost of highschool letting your hand go, I wanna stay

Because who will be there when I need words to say when the school gets gray.

Without you I'm lost in this world like a kid in the store all on my own,

Hurts to say this but I'm as tall you as and I'm almost grown.

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My family
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