Back By Your Side

Like a river with a rushing tide,
I may float downstream,
but call for me and I will swim
against life’s thrashing current
back by your side

Like the moon glowing bright,
I may make you howl for home
but look up and see my smiling face,
have me comforting you,
back by your side

Like a boat caught in a raging storm,
I may rock unsteadily suddenly,
but fix up my tatter sail and I will sail
straight through life’s trials
back by your side

Like a star in the night sky,
I may appear uncertain
but wish upon me and I’ll prove true
bringing you all my love
back by your side



I thoroughly enjoy that this is a poem about dependability, and each stanza is in itself dependable--each begins with a simile using the work "like," and each ends with the same phrase: "back by your side." A fine example of poetic meaning and form reinforcing each other.

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