Back to School Time!

Back to school

No more acting like a fool

Got put down the toys and pick up an academic tool

Whether it’d be a writing utensil or a book to situate my mental

Time to make new friends to study with

Back in the library, trying to remember study tips

Cramming for the exam, filling out my study guide with shoddy penmanship

Back to stressing over grades and test results, trying not to take stupid remarks as insults

Time to go to lunch and join a club

Back to trying to ask girls out who last year, gave me the snub

Back to attending pep rallies and football games

Taking so many pictures that’ll cost me a fortune to put all of them in frame

Back to waking up at 6 AM for a change

Wake up feeling strange and slightly deranged

Not really waking up until 2nd or 3rd period on any given day

Back to doing homework and projects at the last minute

I have to stop procrastination like it’s going past the speed limit

Back to going to school dances and buying the tickets, spending every cent

Trying to find a date for homecoming like I was the one planning the dance event

Back to fearing the future, knowing that when I graduate, I might never see any of my friends

Knowing I’ll never see 99% of the people I went to school with ever again

Some will look back and say “good riddance” and others will look back with fond memories

But high school will always stay with me; cause it helped make a piece of me.

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