Back to the Basics

Those poor girls, this poor me

trying to navigate womanhood

not knowing which way to look,

what way to be.


Thigh gaps are sexy, big is beautiful, strong is the new thin-

i’m getting whiplash with all these ways

to be comfortable in my own skin.


Do a juice cleanse, no carbs, no fat.

What if I’m fine just where I’m at?


I can dance, I can play, I can run, I can jump, so who CARES about

that silly little lump

on my thigh, or roll on my stomach?


We are beautiful, we are healthy, 

we make the babies for goodness sake,

so please tell me what’s up with all this bullshit

we have to take?!


If you have a body, please show it some love and gratitude

because we haven’t gotten anywhere good

with this perfectionist attitude.


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