She sleeps while the rest of us stay up late dancing away

She feels the movements kicking left and right

There is no one who could save her or take away the frightened fears

Shes alone…

Sitting away wondering how or why

I sit there wishing I could say something

But no words can fit right

We earned every bruise together on those cheer mats

We had weekly photoshoots

We made myspaces

We made dance routines

We experienced puberty at the same time

My period came,then hers

First crushes…

First kisses..

First boyfriends..

First break-ups…

There was never anything we didn’t share

But now….

Time sped for her..

I never imagined it…

She was made of stone,the only one I knew who could withstand any pain

She made all of us look like cowards

Me and her oh yeah..

We used to run in the back yard..

Do cartwheels until we dropped..

You could find us cheering wherever there was sunshine

She was the only one who could pull the all nighter at almost every sleepover

She was the one I always envied

It was her long dark hair

Or the way she precisely put on her makeup

No wait it was the way she curled my hair like no other

The way I learned how to put on my eyeliner;miming her

Every time she left my life,she always came back

Back to the last conversations we had

We could sit there for hours having so much to say

But now ,no words to say

I can see her pain,it scares me

To know something moves inside of her

Something so immense for both of us

Her belly isn’t the same

Neither her walk

She isn’t the one I can joke with

Nor tickle anymore

20 years now on the planet

But she outgrew me in height and shape

Woman I see now

But not by decision,by force

I see those eyes…

The petrified ones

Like the ones she would have when she would call me those late nights

Tapping at my window at 2am

Through the years those eyes are still so very innocent

They tell me age is but a number

Shes still so little and so is the figure within her

I imagine what it feels like to have a little life within

I can come only come up with




But yet I still don’t understand half of it

Who is this figure that lives in my best friend

Where is my best friend?

Could this be the beginning of life or the end of life?

If only time could tell…



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