An Awesome Truth, an Awesome Purpose

I’m an optimist. But even I can tell.

Our world is hurting; for some it’s living hell.

People are blind to the truth. They say there are no absolutes.

We’re living without hope, just trying to make it through.


But here’s the good news: there is a better way.

We don’t have to live for just the stress of today.

There is a greater purpose, a reason for your beating heart,

And if you want to find it, you don’t have to look very far.


You know that hole inside you? The one you’ve tried to fill.

You’ve tried to find happiness, but it’s left you empty still.

You’re not the only one who’s searching; we all have that need.

But while we chase love and money and comfort, we’re missing out on something.


We all think we know who God is. We say He’s just a man up in the sky,

Watching while we struggle, not hearing when we cry.

But before you turn away, before you disregard,

Take a second to think with me. Take a second to examine your own heart.


There’s a reason that you’re hurting. And there is a solution.

You think you need better circumstances, but what you’re really longing for is absolution.


The reason for all this suffering, the reason our world is in a spiritual drought,

Is that sin has separated us from God and blinded us with doubt.

We were created to love and be loved by our King,

But instead of worshipping God, we began to worship ourselves and our things.


But, God hasn’t left us on our own to drown in our sin.

He’s made a way for us, so we can be His again.

Jesus was the sacrifice. He took on our shame.

He felt all our suffering so He could give us a new name.


I once was called Hopeless, Never Good Enough.

Sinful, Prideful, Dying, Longing for Love.

But now, my name is Beautiful, Loved, and Redeemed.

Jesus reconciled me, and He is my King!


That’s why life has meaning. That’s why this truth is so glorious.

God is the Creator, Judge, and Healer. He is Victorious!

He longs to bring you back, to hold you as His own.

Will you listen to His voice? Will you fall down before His throne?


It won’t make life easy; in fact, it makes it tougher.

Following after Jesus means that sometimes, you’ll suffer.

He calls you to live out His love, His mercy, and His grace.

He calls you to speak the truth into every broken place.


This is what makes life awesome. This is our meaning!

So much more than the lies we’ve all been believing.

In the midst of the chaos, He is unchanging and true.

And the best part is, He loves you.

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