Awesome Thing Made to be: The Trees

Of everything on earth and in the sea, 

I believe that trees are one of the most awesome things to be.

With spreading arms and lofty branches, 

they surely are like old mansions. 

Their roots grow thick into the ground,

and bring up soil that life may abound. 

Shooting up so tall and green, 

they give life to all it seems. 

Leaves of trees both large and small cause rain to fall upon us all. 

With their perfect purifiers and pumps, 

trees give air and water as special presents, 

without needing pay or gift. 

By day or night, in cold and heat, 

the tree's heart tirelessly beats, to supply life to all.

Stop it does not, no never it does, not even for a dart of lightning. 

Whether in snow, heat, or sleet, 

trees stand towering and sublime,

and never bend or bow. 

As the flowers bloom, and fruits produce,

they feed both little bee and giant moose. 

From cattle to giraffe to horned beetle, 

many creatures find their rest beneath their thick, bulging arms. 

Trees give us so many things, and in return never ask for anything. 

We can thank trees for our homes, ships, and great books, 

as well as medicine, toys, and coat hooks. 

The ancient tree can give us advice that we need so dearly. 

As a tree grounds itself in the soil neatly, 

we need to trust in the Lord Jesus deeply. 

Trees tell us to not grow hastily like weeds, 

but to flourish in strength and maturity. 

The tree does not sit and worry; 

we should grow and trust God in hurry. 

Although the tree gives and shows many things, 

we should not honor and worship this thing. 

Instead, when we see a tree, 

should we not see the Creator who made it so majestic and mighty?

He formed it with His great hand, 

and it appeared at His mighty command. 

O tree, of all the things that God made to be, 

I see nothing more awesome than thee.



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