Awesome Right?

Never surround yourself with negative or it'll dim your awesome, 

If there are negative people in your life then go ahead and toss em'

Be polite, be cordial, be kind, be modest 

Be the greatest, not a sadist 

Be a poet, be an artist.

Respect your elders and listen well, you too one day will have stories to tell.

You'll see things in life that will make you cry but there's beauty within that'll make your tears dry. 

Don't let your dreams die, don't fold your goals

Be proud of your story because it needs to be told

Have passion for life, yours and others,

Think of your neighbor as a child of your mother

Awesome is a cause, a very legit reason

Celebrate daily, no matter your season

Awesome is relevent if you're allowed to be breathing

Know your worth, because no one else can do that for you.

Be the first person to adore you

Keep your head high because it doesn't mean you're not humble

Know that kings and queens at some point stumbled

Reserve a high regard for those desrve deserve it,

Know that you are awesome and the crown does fit.


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