Awe and Wonder


Stay still.

Keep silent.

Mouth opening and closing, speechless at this brilliant moment, sky tearing apart in your heart.

An art of wordlessness opens up before me.

The open world lies ahead.


Stay still.

Keep Silent.

Sun, brighter than bright, bigger than big, lighting the peaks of the mountains that loom above the road I follow.

Heart, open to the vastness of it all.


I am becoming infinite.

I am becoming bigger than myself, bigger than the sun that I reach for.

This feeling, this victorious cry in the void, this freedom bubbling up within, is a feeling I cannot live without.

Without it, I am not truly living, but only breathing.

I reach and reach and reach towards the heavens, towards the brilliant light, even in darkness I see it shining.

Even in storms, I see it flashing violently across the sky.

Even in the night, I see it faintly reflecting from the surface of a cratered rock floating millions of miles away.

Even when hidden under blankets and locked away in a screaming noise filled pitch black cupboard I see it flicker at the edge of my vision.

It is constant.

It is freedom, and it is everywhere around me.


Stay still.

Keep silent.

Awe and Wonder are my middle names.



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