The Avenging Victim

A heart of stone beats another day.

Cold eyes that often freeze those in their tracks scan across a room of people who do everythign but that.

Shoulders squared and jaw tight she approaches the podium, her expression dull but mind bright and sharp. 

Pointed fangs glisten as she smiles and begins. "Today is the day that this all ends." 

A crowd of people cheer while others moan in annoyance. Cold blood runs hot when she hears the chatter. 

"She coudlve said no- What was she wearing?"

"I bet she was drunk and out of it, better yet she probably just doing it for attention!"

"She is really going to ruin this guys entire career over something like this? Get over it!" 

The words sting like her own venom but she stands strong. Fingers white knuckled before her as her body coils tightly.

"Today I rise before you as a Survior. I speak to you as someone who knows the horror that people face everyday. I stand against this man for the terribe things he has done, not just to me but others. I represent all that have had their control ripped from them."

The gorgons hair thrashes about as her speech contintues, moving more and more as her passion grows.

"I once let the things I faced isolate me. I chased away all of those who tormented me for what I endured, But now I want answers. I want justice, for the wrong doings I have faced as well as those around me. I will not still as the stone I have built, I will change things, WE can change things." 

The passionate woman made monster not just by those who knew her, but also the media has became an incredible womens right activist after recovering from the hardships that sexual abuse put her through. Someone who was thought to be consumed with revenge just wants justice and rights to her own body. 

Medusa is a strong female role model who fights for sexual abuse victims rights. A victim blamed for a terrible act that cost her years of a healthy life. A victim who is making a difference with the pain she faced and fighting for those around her to keep people safe and to put justice into place for tthose who share serphent hair and thick skin.




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