Autumn Leaf

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 15:59 -- KiaNero


Being who I am infront of others has gotten me to be were I am in life. I have all the firends you could  ever imagine, but do you think they know who I really am ? The answer to that question is a staright no, I hide behind a mask of happiness. No one knows the pain I have in my life, or what I deal with personally. All everyone sees is a happy girl, that has a stress free life. Not knowing that I'm hurting  on the inside, stressing over alot in my life, and to hide it all I can do is smile. I'm like autumn leaves in the fall,but throughout the year in others eyes I'm a beautiful blossomed leaf. In reality I'm this autumn leaf that changes colors, with my emotions and pains. I fall when I just can't take it anymore, when I just get tired of so much and can't bare anymore weight on me. There's no other choice but to just fall and hope for the best. Here I am infront of the wolrd with the biggest smile on my face, hiding the hurt I go through, and being strong for myself and others.


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