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As Summer comes to an end,
Chilly Autumn becomes a friend,
Showing you what it has to give,
Giving you another reason to live.
The smell of Cinnamon fills the air,
And no one can seem to bare,
To not lay eyes on that Apple Pie,
Be my guest and give it a try!
The wind sends chills down my spine,
But the hot chocolate is simply divine,
Embracing you in its spell,
So upon it you start to dwell.
And everyday you take a walk,
the Autumn colors come as a shock,
Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red,
So you stop to stand and stare instead.
Soon the weekends come and go,
As you rock to and fro,
In that old wooden chair,
Reading books that no one would dare.
And as night falls your room is lit,
Curled in his arms you two sit,
Movies playing all night long,
And so you know nothing could go wrong.
But then the leaves lose it all,
When they crumble and start to fall,
So you know the end is near,
But Darling there is nothing to fear,
For I will be back, Next year.



I love the ending. 

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