Sweet Autumn weeps
for the trees and leaves and flowers that depart as she arrives
and the warmth of the earth that attempts to cling to her
in frenzied desperation
but its fingertips are weak and cannot hold on
so it lets go and seeps away
an agonizingly slow process that tortures her

Wherever she goes, it is always the same
with her she brings eternal rest, and a cool breath
dissipating the warmth and the fire of the sun
the forest disintegrates and the daylight shortens
people turn inwards and lock her out
through closed doors and shut windows

The birds ride into the sky and flee
like razors, each set of wings
cut her heart and she bleeds
her blood staining the earth
and in her raw wine, nature bathes
the trees and the meadows soak in her sweet sorrow
and exhibit her bittersweet coat

Does she not notice
the sweet fruit the trees bear and leave for her
or the color she injects into the world
just before the winter comes and drains it away
the world flourishing in the color of not just the sunset,
but the sunrise
when the earth awakens and the sun slides over the horizon
gracefully flushing the sky for a short instant
a constant source of marvel and adoration
no matter how many times it is viewed
and the world awaits
with baited breath
for her cool relief
from Summer's relentless heat
that beats the earth with fire and douses it with sweat

So dear sweet Autumn
do not mourn
you bring neither death nor coldness
but beauty and relief
so enchanting the earth blushes and bleeds crimson leaves.


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