I got two brothers doing life and one in the dirt.


I got a perfect son thats never walked because his legs don't work and he shits and pisses in a bag but whatever.


Been stuck in bed for 10 years and that's ten more years we never had together.


His mom God bless her beautiful hurt she put me in prison.


I wouldn't go back to her after she chased my second wife away.


But for the life of me

I can't figure out how she'd ever think I'd go back to that prison.


Being evil as fuck she sent social services to my house for years. My girls mom couldn't handle it but he's my son


so everytime he was in the hospital i went and we shared tears.


I worked that's what i do. I work and I work and provide.


You met me here but you dont kno me you couldn't know what's lurking inside.


Im beatified I'm an ocean I'm hallowed ground I'm wading in shallow waters.


I'm a piece of shit a real piece of work I'm missing my son's and daughters.


It figures I make legit business regardless and weight gets hustled.

I ain't the one mother fucker shit I am that mother fucker.

I got tax papers that reflect and there floating around no papers on me. So come and get done shit I come in and run shit screaming fuck all you fakers around me.

You dont kno shit you don't spit shit but saliva.

Your words are shallow and whats that meaning.


They have no meaning. Im entertaining this shit. You feigning. I'm lying I'm dying. You never gone thru shit.

Don't talk to me from the side of your neck like Im some duck. Im a fucken 1 only.


I fell into problems and went to the joint then violated and that's where I seen you homie.

You never encounter a man like me. I got 143 genius IQ.

I fall apart to know that you cant get out your own way. You ain't doing the things that I do.


Fuck no. I get mine. The only thing Ive ever been good at is everything i ever tried to do.

Shit I kno this. I get hated for it. Im so far in the fucken future.

I see shit play out long before it does. Im not perfect my bleeding heart ripped out and sutured.


I'm angry I hide it you'd never know it from the exterior.


Im lonely because nobody can get on my level. Everyone around me is inferior.

Me n u tho at least we agree. No good. I am a rotten cocky fuck. you called it and it changed for who but you because I'm still gonna run amuck.


But don't get me fucked up with some idiot. I aint stupid. I'll go right ahead and let a hoe be a hoe.

I love you though but you're no diamond. There's more of your type running around the exact same mold.


Why the fuck you couldn't be different. Block me out we dont talk no more.

And since I called you out you changed aint doing the things you did before.


Thats good and I'm glad to hear it that's the spirit I was worried about you.

You took it the wrong way when all I ever tried saying is fuck the ones that doubt you.

Just like in the way you now doubt me looking down but you don't make me for shit.


Just cause I'm here where exactly is here I'm here and I'm there organizing shit.

Do you wish I would die when all I ever did was to try and edify you.

Cant keep it 100 like me and it's no fucken loss or surprise I electrify you.


And you are like everyone else. All I see you bring to the table is games and drama.

Lost AF. On my hood my bad rep my kids and my momma.

You have no idea who I Am. Im competent as fuck but severely damaged.

And if I was ordinary than there would have been no way I would ever have managed.

So if I don't know you it's nice to meet you. I do what I do and I make it look easy.

Just cause its easy but it's not always fun. I get hated they get to feeling uneasy.

I'm a reader of minds and the look in their eyes is the reason I'm riding solo.

I just had to say before I go back to my business it's always been that way.


Nobody gets me I've always been misunderstood and it's not going to change today.

And that's ok. I kno who I AM. I also know I'm the only one.


Now I'll get to the point. I'd never get to the point when the end has finally come.


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My family
My community
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