The Audacity

Thu, 09/11/2014 - 21:58 -- bre543

How dare you?
You disgraced what we had
All because you got mad
How could you?
Even though we broke up
You had still said it was love
And because I don’t agree
You try to hurt me
Who are you?
The way that you’ve changed
To me seems deranged
What are you?
Because to me you seem unreal
Not even I can appeal
To your rational side
But by some rules you should abide
Why are you?
Treating me like this
There is no need to diss
I’ve done nothing incorrect
Being true to my heart made you upset
Instead of acting your age of eighteen
You decided to do something wrong and be mean
Lower than low
Gossiping is, you know
It means I’m on your mind
Now is not the place or time
Get your own life and leave me alone
Don’t talk, look at me, or contact my phone


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