Shaking, breathless, stumbling.

Shaking hands on a keyboard. 

Feet tapping the ground.

Anticipating the failure that is yet to come. 


Judging eyes, whispering voices, silent laughs. 

Palms sweaty, heart racing, stomach churning.

A fight that I can’t win. When will it be over?

Sweat dripping from my forehead like a leaky faucet.


Another presentation, another grade, another attack

Sliding down further into my seat, hoping the teacher won’t notice me

My A slipping through my fingers faster than my sanity

Struggling to catch my breath, I hope no one notices me


Drowning in a sea of fear, waiting for my anxiety to attack me

How do I stop it from consuming me?


Just breathe, don’t think, you won’t be left behind

The world is no longer crumbling




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