The Attachment of Destruction

He sent me an attachment that

attracted me to attach myself to him and
Start to flow a vaporized love from my heart and
Play this game called love and its a two player game not knowing that I had to start but I 
Opened up my heart and started to fall through the traps of being in love 
Not knowing if I was alone or what 
I guess I'll just have to wait
Wait for the morning where he can wake and realize that he can't wait to be with me
And wait for the day when he can't wait to marry me
But first I have to wait and not move too fast
Considering most teenage relationships just don't last
But I don't know if should just take a chance or if I should compare him to my last
my last is in my past and it's hard to build a future with someone when you keep looking over your shoulder
He doesn't deserve that
In fact
I thought He deserved more of me than that
But I was blind as a bat
So naive I didn't realize that he was playing me
But little ole me was just trying to make sure it didn't end but
This dude played me for his so called bestfriend and
Didn't think of how that blade would pierce through my heart and
Begin to damage my heart as quick as it was to fall in love from the start
I'm just...
Sitting in this world around people who will hate me in their hearts
But love me with their skin
People that's trying to tear down my soul 
And cut my body so thin
People that scar my face
And make me sore
Bruises that, when I look in the mirror, makes me feel insecure
So afraid I turn away from the battered creature staring back at me
Thinking in my head, I know this isn't what God has for me 
My head is spinning uncontrollably 
Seeing the false love that people have been handing me
Being lost in a world of make believe
Not knowing who is real or who is fake indeed 
So I stretch my hands to thee
And ask my father is there anything else He would ask of me
Because I know that my pain may hurt indeed 
But I also know that it's a testimony for my friends and enemies
So i thank my friends & my frenemies 
Because I made it past the old sinner me
And now im transforming into the person that God has for me to be. 
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