The Atheist Martyr

Believe the fight for your rights as they dwindle
away due to the current state of today,
Believe in no higher being, I mean how
can man really know?
Man writes books, And a pastor needs money too,
Why should I believe in a being to worship too?
I only worship the knowledge needed to crack down
on these corrupt money pulling suit and ties that
cloud your mind with some gods insight to worry
you less about the bigger picture.
And I don't apologize if I offend you, I'm just trying
to feed your mind to amend you,
Rather die than be crucified to feeble truths,
Rather die knowing I served my people with the truth
even if that means hanging from a noose,
I was born in the trenches that house rebel beings
fighting for the truth that believes in no higher beings,
I am my own religion fighting for the right speak
because if you realize it,
Thats becoming somewhat bleak,
It's all a system under no belief that believes you'll
believe whatever you see,
An Atheist Martyr is what i choose to be, It frees my mind
while fighting for what I believe,
More focus on what I want to achieve,
Dying for the truth without the of some fictional
being intervening with my thoughts that shall be
vividly seen,
Keeping the soul visibly clean,
Staining me not with visions that are not truly seen.



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